We are eager to welcome all individuals and institutions with an interest in understanding and navigating the global chiropractic research enterprise. To join, kindly contact bbudgell@cmcc.ca or submit the form on our Contact Us page. Individual and institutional publication output data will be added to our network map as submitted. We encourage individuals and institutions to read and endorse the San Francisco Declaration on Research Assessment (DORA), and to follow the recommendations of the statement regarding assessment of research.

Colleagues who support our collaboration include:

Submitting Your Data:

Individuals, institutions and journals may submit their publications lists to be included in our data-base and analyses. As explained in the accompanying video, our recommended method is to search PubMed from Endnote, and then convert the Endnote library to a csv document (e.g. in Excel). Alternatively, you can conduct your search directly in the PubMed portal and export to Excel. For small numbers of publications, it is also practical to enter records directly into an Excel workbook. When you are happy with your records, send them to us for quality assurance and inclusion in our data-base.