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Conduct your own analysis:

We are blessed with an over-abundance of useful software for conducting network and linguistic analyses. Web of Science itself has a number of utilities for bibliometric analysis. Other programmes which we use include:

  • Gephi: according to the creators, it is the leading visualization and exploration software for all kinds of graphs and networks. Gephi is open-source and free. It runs on Mac, Windows and Linux. This programme is well-maintained and allows you to ‘get under the hood’ to adjust settings and see the metrics behind the pretty pictures.
  • VosViewer: produces very attractive representations of networks based on bibiometric data and text. Originally with rather limited functionality, it now accepts input directly from Web of Science, Pubmed, Scopus and other indexing services. VosViewer is free and runs on Mac and Windows.
  • WordSmith Tools: our choice of software for lexical analysis. This programme is well-maintained and modestly priced. Its Keyword and Concordance features are great launching pads for thematic analyses.


Hot off the presses of the Journal of the Canadian Chiropractic Association is our analysis entitled The Research Enterprise at Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College. This report analyzed research output mostly from 2012 forward and demonstrates some of the functionality of VosViewer, one of the network analysis tools that we recommend.

The Canadian Chiropractic Research Enterprise 2012-2017 was our first report employing social network analysis and lexical analysis to characterize chiropractic research in Canada.